Allergy/Dietary Support

Food allergies and dietary restrictions are often a primary concern for families when selecting their child’s early education experience.  Somerset Academy makes every effort to support these children in our classroom environment.  In addition to required CPR/First Aid training, staff are knowledgeable in administering medications such as an EpiPen or Auvi-Q.

Somerset Academy is a NUT restricted environment.


1. What types of food allergies frequently appear in the programs at Somerset?

We have had experience with children who have mild to severe allergies with the following foods but not limited to: peanut, tree nut, dairy, eggs, sesame, wheat, oats, certain fruits and vegetables.

2. What foods are typically served at snack time?

Somerset Academy provides the food and drink served at snack each day. This consists of water, apple juice (diluted 50% with water) and acceptable fruits and vegetables.

3. How are staff kept aware of food allergies?

Both our registration form and emergency cards have areas for parents to list/indicate their child’s specific allergies. This information is then documented on a posted form and kept in the classroom for easy reference by session throughout the week. Allergies are also indicated on the sign in sheets. When necessary, parents are contacted for clarification regarding any allergy. Ingredient lists are also referenced for packaged items.

4. What about dietary restrictions for those children who are vegetarians?

We respect the needs of all families choosing to be vegetarian. Meat and gelatin products are never offered as a snack item.

5. Are you inclusive of children with special medical needs?

Medical concerns are assessed on an individual basis with each family and every effort is made to support.

6. How are medications kept safe and out of the reach of children?

Medications are provided by each family for their child. All medication must be kept in their original container. Each child’s medications are kept in separate pouches and all pouches are kept in an insulated locked bag. Parents must sign a medical permission form, allowing staff to administer medication to their child. Staff are knowledgeable in the practice of the 5 Rights: that the (1) right child is given the (2) right medication in the (3) right dosage at the (4) right time in the (5) right method.