Things to do at home


Read a book together. Make costumes and/or stage props for your favorite stories. Attend story hour at your local library or book store.

Create your own puppets and put on a puppet show. Simple puppets can be made from old socks, gloves, tongue depressors, etc. A “stage” can be a chair, table or anything draped with a towel or tablecloth.

Compose a story together. Enlist your child as the illustrator.

Music Fun: Help your child make musical instruments from items found at home. Coffee cans, wooden bowls or oatmeal boxes make great drums. These can be decorated with paint, paper and other materials. Old fashioned “musical combs” can be made by putting a piece of tissue paper over a clean or new comb and humming a tune against it. Have a parade through the house or neighborhood!

Rhythm Fun: Clap, hum, whistle or tap the rhythm of a tune and have your child guess the song (this can be a great car game, too).

Learn a language. Yak Academy, the organization which provides Spanish instruction at Somerset Academy, offers classes for children in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Arabic. They are located at 620 N. Old Woodward, Suite 101 in Birmingham, and can be reached at 248-593-4800.

Get active together. Visit a local gym and see what children’s programs are offered. Go for a bike ride or walk around your neighborhood and look for signs of the seasons changing, colors, shapes, etc.

Get creative in the kitchen. Bake cookies, cut up fruit for a salad, or make soup together. Involve your child in selecting ingredients, measuring and mixing.

Have your child help set the table. Count how many forks, plates, napkins and other items are needed for each family member.

Make cleaning fun. Provide a pail of soapy water and let your child wash his/her toys, play equipment, bike, or household items. Have a “car wash” for toy vehicles.

Stargaze together. On a clear, starry night lie down outside and see if you can find the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion’s Belt and other familiar constellations. Count how many stars you can see.

Go on a shape hunt. See how many circles, squares, triangles and other specific shapes you can find around the house. This also works with colors, letters and numbers.

Put together a family photo album. Have your child add decorations to each page and then dictate to you what to write under favorite photos that he/she has chosen.